Gucci Throw Blanket

8 Nov

12/1/2010 UPDATE: If you’ve been holding out on getting these blankets, NOW is the time to get them!  These blankets are now reduced to $99!  DSW appeared to have “sold out” of these blankets because the excitement for these blankets were so overwhelming, it crashed the website on Cyber Monday 11/29/2010 (when they had a 1-day only deal for 25% off).  They are now offering a secret 25% off code (see codes), unsure when it’s good until.

Original post updated with new codes and prices as of 12/1/2010:

It’s been getting so dark and cold out there these days!  Daylight savings is definitely not helping how soon it gets dark.  But when it starts getting cold like this, it means the holidays are coming!  I know for a lot of you, it’s WAY too early for holiday shopping.  But I also know the panicked feeling of it being two days before Christmas and not being prepared with a proper gift.  I’m trying to get all of my holiday shopping done a little at a time so it won’t be so overwhelming, emotionally AND monetarily.

A great little deal I found recently is from (where else?).  It’s a pretty sizable Gucci Throw Blanket, made of Wool, Nylon, and Cashmere.  It’s very cozy, warm, and soft thanks to the wool and cashmere.  For a Gucci item like this, you can expect to pay about $950 in store.  At, it’s available for $199.95 $99.95.  BUT, if you play your cards right, you can get it for only $129.97 $74.96 plus tax!  Available in black and brown.

You have to be a DSW rewards member (sign-up is free) to be able to use some of these codes.  I don’t know when they expire so you better use them soon.

922 – 500 points added to your order

SHIPR – Free shipping on orders over $35

COMEBACK – $5 off

C25P4326(expired, but you may try calling DSW and asking them to honor the Cyber Monday deal that you missed out on from the site being down, original code was Cyber25) 25% off, no doubt as the deal for those who couldn’t take advantage of Cyber Monday’s 25% off due to their site crashing.

Gucci Throw Blanket, comes in Black and Brown, Orig Retail $950, DSW price $199.95 $99.95, with coupon $129.97 $74.96 (plus tax).


5 Responses to “Gucci Throw Blanket”

  1. Lux Lady Ellen November 15, 2010 at 4:03 pm #

    Wow – thank you so much for the tip! I cannot believe that such chic Gucci throws – this is definitely a steal. Now if only Gucci made snuggies…

    … that’s not blasphemy, is it? 😉

  2. Pam Mcgregor March 29, 2011 at 9:31 am #

    I just love the design on this blanket it is awesome thanks.

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